Bryan and Cheryl Jones  
  4480 Ridgeway Dr.
  Loveland, CO  80538

  • How does your company measure success?
  • Increased sales and profits will be first and foremost, but a well trained and carefully selected workforce will have the company's interest at heart and will maximize market conditions. You deserve the best and we represent your best interest.
  • Experience has taught us that our clients seek candidates that that not only have the qualifications and experience required to be successful but will fit into the firm's culture. Our clients are making an investment and like any good any good investment, we help them find candidates for long term appreciation.
  • Our office is staffed with professional agribusiness executives with both academic training and specific agribusiness experience. This provides a useful insight to our clients and enables them to correctly assess their personnel needs from a results oriented perspective. Accordingly, the We recommend only the candidates with proper qualifications and personal attributes, suitable to our employer-clients needs.
  • We find candidates from most fields in agribusiness and many disciplines within those fields. Our HIRING MATRIX illustrates the broad coverage that we can assist you with.
  • Candidate Selection
  • We develop and execute an effective recruiting strategy designed to identify and recruit the best qualified candidates for each assignment. We seek and recommend qualified candidates with personal attributes consistent with the clients needs and objectives. Candidates we recommend have specifically relevant training, experience and interests. We evaluate each candidate either by phone or in person and create a profile.
  • Fees
  • We will work on a Retained or Contingency basis and our fees are set accordingly.
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